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Siphon Coffee Maker Household Coffee Machine Filter

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1.The flannel filter can effectively block the powder in coffee.
2.The lower pot scale can give you a clear multiplayer capacity.
3.The increasing base is sturdy and stable.

The siphon-style coffee is loved by many coffee fans. If the characteristics of the coffee beans are such a refreshing and clear acid, and the acid has a mellow flavor, the siphon cooking method can make the characteristics of the coffee better.
There are also many people who like the siphonic cooking method with a little sense of laboratory precision. When the water rises during boiling, the black coffee is reduced, step by step, in the hands of the coffee maker. Compared to the Italian coffee, which is often necessary to hand over part of the process to a machine. Siphonic coffee seems to be more suitable for people who like to do their own DIY.

Material: stainless steel + glass
Size: 36.5*13cm/14.3*5.1"
Weight: About 2000g

Packing Includes:
1 x Bracket
1 x upper limb
1 x lower limb
1 x cover (seat)
1 x alcohol stove
1 x windshield
1 x original filter cloth (mesh)

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Additional Info

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